We offer professional computer service and superior customer service. Don’t just take our word for it, find out what some of our customers have said <here>. Computer-fixit-man has the best technicians that are ready and will attend to your every need. Repair services we offer are;

• Virus removal
• Cracked laptop screen replacement
• Hard drive replacement
• Keyboard replacement
• Data recovery
• Motherboard and component repair

• Laptop memory upgrades
• Power jack replacement
• Laptop USB ports, AC/DC ports repair
• Battery replacements and
• Custom built systems
Laptop Repair

Affordable Laptop Repair Memphis, TN

For virus removal, we install the best and active anti-virus software that completely removes any virus and malwares without reformatting your system so you don’t lose important files. At Computer-fixit-man of Memphis, we replace cracked laptop screen. Our technicians open the laptop; remove the cracked laptop screen and then check to get the part number and connection-type to the motherboard. Afterwards, we purchase a screen that is suitable for the replacement of your cracked laptop screen. Our service is very affordable and also adds a personal touch based on your needs.
We can also replace your computer hard drive(s). Hard drives go bad when they are affected by a virus and also when we run programs or applications that are not trusted on our computers. Normal wear and use over time also causes the hard drive to eventually fail. When this happens, we’ll provide you with a good hard drive that supports your system and guidelines on how you can maintain your hard drive and back it up to control future occurrence. We specialize in replacing traditional HDDs and also SSDs or solid state drives. We also provide data recovery on hard drives. We do our best to recover data that seems lost on your hard drives. We offer fast and reliable service. Normal completion time is 48 hours and in most cases, we have the ability of recovering your data and delivering it within 24 hours. Expedited charges will apply.
The affordable computer repair of Computer-Fixit-man of Memphis TN offers its clients the best quality service with affordable prices and handle your every need whether it is virus removal, cracked laptop screen replacement, custom built systems or hard drive replacement, contact us today for guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction. Feel free to drop us a review on Yelp and take advantage of our repair specials!